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Sometime in 2005 Markus Kankkonen, Tony Nyström, Mathias Björk, Tom Simell and Niklas Harju, all from the west-coast of Finland, gathered to start jamming and having some fun. The big idea was Pink Floyd, one of the many interests that all of them had in common. Suddenly a band was formed, soon to be called Porcelain. Later on Pia Susanne Kurtén dropped in to help out. And then, at some point, the band of prog-heads decided that it would be a good idea to find a singer for the band, and the choise was obvious; the mostly talented Charlotta Kerbs.
In the summer 2009 Porcelain released their debut album " it were. Here and there", an album that got very good reviews from all around the world. During 2010 the band entered a new era, signing for the French label Musea Parallele, which will lead to a world wide release on the album soon. That also meant deciding a new name for the group, and the result was Porcelain Moon.

Porcelain Moon is a music group from the Kokkola – Pietarsaari area on the Finnish west-coast, whose music can be described as good old 70´s progressive rock. The music has been reviewed as a mixture of Pink Floyd, Yes, Genesis and Camel, with a touch of both jazz and Nordic folk music. But as their inspirational sources they also have many modern bands such as: The Mars Volta, Anekdoten and Porcupine Tree.

The group consists of 7 musicians and the sound is mainly built up on guitar, bass, drums, vocals, organs and synthesizers. All in a real 70's spirit. But even other instruments such as violin, saxophone and flute live as a part of the whole concept. Porcelain Moon has played on several minor festivals and parties around the Finnish west coast, but also abroad; in Lithuania at the "Baltic Progfest 2010" and on Swedens second official Space rock festival "2008: A Space Rock Odyssey", and got very positive feedback. Porcelain Moon´s concerts offer an energetic performance that also contains jam sessions, which make every gig a whole new experience.

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26 Feb 2013
NEW RECORD! Porcelain Moon has finally released their new record Swan Song that is available for purchase from the Univocal Music webshop for the humble price of 10,50 €. Hurry up and get your copy of the release before they run out. This record is only intended to be published on a CD, and not on Spotify or similar services, and is only available in a limited quantity.

22 May 2011
Porcelain Moon has currently finished producing a new record, that will be released in the summer of 2012. The record holds four brand new songs which provides a new portrait of Porcelain Moon, one that has never been seen before. A teaser of the record is avalible at:

4 August 2011
Personal message from Niklas Harju:
Hey, y'all. It's been a while since any updates were posted on this page, and that is because we've had a pretty long un-planned sort of break these past months, due to certain circumstances. I am happy, thou, to inform you that things are looking brighter again for the band, with at least one gig booked at the Freefall festival this month. On the other hand it is with some sadness that I also have to announce that I now will leave the band. This is because I'm moving to Sweden in two weeks for my university-studies. It has been a good run these past 6 years, and it's with a smile that I look back at all the good memories we've made together. But this is life and the show must go on :)
After what I've heard Porcelain Moon will carry on as a 6-piece band, and it will be very interesting so see, or rather hear, what the guys will be cooking up. I wish them all the best in their future proggin' and rollin' and I look forward the hear the future awesome prog-rock of the new Porcelain Moon, Mark II. Make sure to catch them at the Freefall festival in Jakobstad on the 20th of August, together with a whole lot of other awesome bands. I know I would if I only were in town :)

Much love!

20 March 2011
Another review on " it were. Here and there" in English can be found on

9 February 2011
Dear friends, we have som AWESOME NEWS to share! Our debut album " it were. Here and there" is now being re-released by the good people at French label Musea Parallele and will soon end up in stores in numerous of countries world-wide. You can already order your own fresh copy from

15 December 2010
A review on " it were. Here and there" in Finnish can be found on

6 November 2010
Some YouTube videos added to the Media section.

4 November 2010
The brand new website is up and running. Welcome!

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